The Reluctant Gun Owner

When you shoot someone, even in self defense, you initiate a long and costly chain of events that will most likely result in you being prosecuted. It is, therefore, critical to have good legal defense.

There are many companies that provide legal and monetary assistance to people after they have discharged their weapon. These are some that I am aware of:

  1. Armed Citizen Legal Defense Network
  2. CCW Safe
  3. USCCA
  4. US Law Shield

The way this works is that you pay a monthly membership fee. When you are involved in an incident where you need a lawyer, ideally right after you have shot your gun, and have called police, you call the company and they will represent you and cover the costs of your legal representation. Details vary from company to company.

Some companies operate as Insurance, while others act as your lawyers. They don’t all offer the same services––some offer bail bonds, for example, while others don’t. Talk to someone you trust to help you decide which service to get. I did, and I chose US Law Shield. Just remember that this is something you do not want to ignore. Defending yourself in court can be very expensive.

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