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About this site

I never thought I would ever become a gun owner. The tragedy of the Christchurch Masjid massacres changed everything. I realized that the increase in violence against worshippers in Churches, Mosques, and Synagogues meant that that we worshippers would need to learn how to protect ourselves and those around us. This site documents what I have learned in the process of legally owning a firearm in Colorado in the United States of America.

How to use this site

I would recommend that you start with the first article in the Fundamentals section: "Why Do You Want to Own a Gun?" Each article links to the next one in that section. The last article in each section links to the first one in the next section. I try to build a coherent narrative this way.

Why I made this site

There is no shortage of sites that discuss guns, here in the United States. Unfortunately, I found that good information is often from sources whom I find personally abhorrent. I'm talking about people like White supremacists who glorify Adolf Hitler (some openly, and some coyly, with '88' in their user names) and people who brag about how many Muslims they killed in 'Eye-Rack'.

I didn't have a place that I could turn to where I could get good information without being exposed to that sort of racism and bigotry. So, I decided to make one myself.

What's Next For Me

As I continue to learn about and train with guns I realize that I need to channel my knowledge towards service. I am now in charge of security at my local mosque. We are trying to redefine how the mosque operates, by making security an integral part of day-to-day life, not an afterthought. Over time, we will document and share what we have learned at our new website, MasjidDefense. If you have any questions for me, please feel free to contact me at thereluctantgunowner at gmail dot com or tweet me at @reluctantgun.

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